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Questions and concerns of the Parent of the future Kid

1. If the child can't relieve itself and does not signal the need to do it, can he still attend "Kid's Academy"?

It is necessary for the child to signal that he wants to use the toilet. It is one of the preconditions for the child in order for him to join the group of preschoolers at "Kid's Academy."
My child is not 3 years old yet. Can it still be enrolled in the kindergarten?

The children enrolled in our kindergarten are at least 2,5 years old. They must be 2,5 years old when they start participating in classes, ie for example from 01 September.

My child has food allergies and a special diet is suggested to him. Is it possible for the kindergarten to implement it?

Such cases are dealt with individually, depending on the suggested diet. We are open to such cases and ready to meet such challenges, if it is possible on our side.

How is the kindergarten prepared to accept children who are allergic to dust mites?

We removed fitted carpets from the classrooms wherever it was possible, as they were the real hotbed for dust mites. The carpets were replaced with the stylish oak parquet and facility flooring, which is easy to wash. The rugs on which children play are reduced to a minimum.

Is resting in your kindergarten mandatory?

A moment of resting after lunch applies to all 3-year-olds. Only the children who feel such a need, fall asleep. The children who do not fall asleep listen to music, plays, stories and poems read by the teacher. They also have a book collection at their disposal.

Can disabled children attend to your kindergarten?

Our institution does not provide for the recruitment of children requiring additional support in specific areas of development. The kindergarten does not employ specialists in the field of special needs education.

Can the kindergarten working hours change?

So far, the organization of work in the kindergarten provides care for the children between 7am and 5pm. Parents can bring and pick up their children within these hours. In order to meet the individual needs of the parents, we offer our children the additional individual attention programme called OVERTIME. The additional care may start before 7am or after 5pm.

How are you prepared for the events connected with the potential barging of an undesirable person into the kidergarten? I mean the acts of vandalism here.

Our building is fenced and locked. Besides it is secured by a specialized company that watches over our safety for 24 hours.

I start work at very different times of the day: from 7am to 12pm. Can I bring a child at about 11am-12pm?

The children are brought to the kindergarten from 7am to the time when breakfast starts, which is a fixed hour for each kindergarten group. The late arrival of the child to the kindergarten is connected with the fact that he will not participate in a very rich educational programme scheduled for each day. We always ask to report the anticipated delays in advance in order to prepare the other meals for the child.

My child is a bit hyperactive. I'm afraid that he will be a troublemaker.

Hyperactivity is a feature frequently found in children at this stage of development. The excess dormant energy should be properly targeted, with the benefit for the child and the surrounding environment. It will not be a new experience for our experienced staff. I think the fears are unfounded here. .

11. Is it possible to enrol a child in the kindergarten during the school year?

The enrolment at the kindergarten during the school year is possible on the condition that the kindergarten group is not full. There are situations, although very rarely, that for different reasons the parents have to remove the child from the kindergarten. Then it is possible to enrol a new kindergartener.

12. Is it possible for the child to be enrolled only on selected classes or just for a few hours a day?

It is the parents who decide about the type of classes in which their child will participate or about the hours of their child's stay in the kindergarten. However, the fees are fixed for all children.

13. Do you organize preparatory classes for new children?

The candidates for the kindergarteners are warmly invited to "AKADEMIA BOBASA" ("TOT'S ACADEMY"), which is run in our kindergartens. During the workshop, which is held once a week from 5pm to 6.30pm, the children with their parents learn about the kindergarten, play and prepare to be a kindergartener. Please visit: www.akademiabobasa.pl. All children enrolled in the kindergarten have their preparatory classes organized directly before their start in the kindergarten. These are three days during which they play and learn the "secrets" of being kindergarteners together with their parents and teachers.

14. Does the kindergarten employ a guidance counsellor or a psychologist, who serves with advice?.

Our kindergarten employs a guidance counsellor and a psychologist. If the parents are alarmed by their child's behaviour, they can consult a specialist. You can also consult the Psychological and Pedagogical Counselling Service. Our kindergarten offers free consultations there.

15. What are the qualifications of the employed teaching staff?

The teachers employed in our kindergartens are fully qualified to work with children. They hold degrees in pedagogy with the specializations in Kindergarten Education or Elementary Education and English Philology.

16. How many teachers fall on a group?

Regardless of the size of the group, 3-year-olds are taken care of by two teachers simultaneously. The other groups have got one group tutor.

17. How many meals a day do children get? Does the kindergarten use catering services?ngu?

Children have three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and tea. The meals are prepared in the kindergarten kitchen by our own cooks.

18. What do I have to equip the child with to the kindergarten?

This is specifically mentioned in our kindergarten rules. As standard a child should be equipped with comfortable slippers, an apron for eating meals, a change of clothes and a toothbrush.
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