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By proposing a wide range of activities we make each child discover its talents and develop passions. The pillars of our activity include:
  • pre-school curriculum classes enhanced by: hikes, meetings with interesting people, trips to unusual places, costume balls, celebrations of national holidays, performances and presentations, pioneering projects such as recording albums or film making
  • language classes - English language
  • Art&English workshop (artistic class)
  • eurhythmics and dancing classes
  • chess class
  • learning to swim
  • tennis training
  • learning to ski

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The whole teaching process is carried out by a team of qualified teachers, for whom work is a mission done with passion. Always smiling and full of enthsiasm, every day the teachers discover with the children the unusual world, which is full of wonders. In their teaching programmes, they:
  • take into account the individual needs of the children
  • use the potential of the pupils
  • inspire to be active and explore
  • develop talents
  • support comprehensively
  • ensure the harmonious development of the pupils
Thanks to that, our pupils acquire all the necessary competencies and skills that enable them to function both at school and in today's demanding world.


Polish is the first language of communication in the kindergartens. We really care about the development and correctness of the native language. English functions here simultaneously. This is our second language. It accompanies the children all day. They are inspired to ask questions, speak and respond in English. Every morning and afternoon, our English teachers gather the children in the classroom. They teach new songs and games and familiarise the children with the characters of new books and films. Our original English learning programme also introduces the children to the history, customs and culture of English-speaking countries.

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It is worth to join us because:
  • our kindergartens operate within the law of public institutions. They have got the entries in the register of the educational institutions, which is kept by the Education Department of the Municipal Council in Poznan
  • we guarantee classes with the qualified and experienced teaching staff and English teachers
  • English is not a foreign language here
  • we provide you with classes that develop creativity, self-reliance, decision-making skills, and the ability to perform in front of people
  • daily curriculum is enriched by numerous artistic activities that develop imagination, creativity and originality
  • all extra-curricular activities are enriched by the elements of English
  • we guarantee 3 delicious and healthy meals every day, which are prepared in our kindergarten kitchens
  • The Internet website, which is only for the parents of our Kids, will allow you to see the life of your little ones during their stay in the kindergarten.
  • The fairytale atmosphere of the kindergartens is heightened by the beautiful gardens, the proximity to the parks and walks.
We are available to children and parents from Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 5 pm. We provide additional individual care outside the kindergarten working hours.
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